Some Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Wenger Meats

Retail FAQ’s

Where does your beef and pork come from?

Most of our beef and pork comes from local farms in South Central PA.

Are your deli salads fresh?

Yes, they are prepared with fresh ingredients by professionals licensed in the area of food preparation. They contain no preservatives.

Do you recommend calling ahead for large lunch orders?

Yes, while we try to accommodate everyone’s needs larger lunch orders should be called ahead to ensure the order is ready when you need it.

south central Pennsylvania farm

Processing FAQ’s

Do I have to skin my deer before I bring it to Wenger’s?

No, we do offer to skin your deer with an extra charge. However, you must field-dress your wild game before you bring it to Wengers. Your meat will taste much better if it is properly field dressed.

If you skin an animal yourself, please cover the carcass (with plastic) before you bring it to us. Skinned carcasses easily attract dirt and bacteria that can contaminate the meat.

What do you do with the antlers?

If you bring us a buck, take the rack home with you. We’ll be happy to cut it off while you wait. Trophy animals that are to be skinned for mounting (caped out) will take longer but the head should still be picked up within a few days.

What cuts do you recommend?

Check out our product list before you come. If you have an idea of what you want from your animal, we will be able to service you quickly and service our other customers efficiently as well.

The first week of buck season can get hectic. Our jerky is made from whole muscle parts. We do not make jerky from ground meat.

Should I call to check on the status of my deer?

As December is a month busy with deer season and the holidays, we seldom will have your smoked products ready for pick-up before January of the next year. We promise to call you when we have your order complete, and we prefer that you pick up your order after both the fresh items and the smoked items are done.

Please do not call us to ask if your order is complete. We understand your eagerness to get your deer meat back, but extra phone calls hinder our ability to complete deer orders.

fresh deer steaks on a cutting board garnished with rosemary
deer bologna and sausage on cutting board

Will you process my meat after I cut it up?

If you do your own cutting and bring us the meat for processing, please be sure the meat is clean from dirt, hair, and excess blood.

We reserve the right to reject meat that has not been properly cleaned. Also, we prefer that you do not grind your meat before bringing it to us for further processing.

Do I get my own meat back?

You will receive your own fresh meat back to you. We will not keep your meat separate from other orders during the manufacturing of smoked bolognas, sausages, and snack items.

We realize that many hunters prefer this, but the increase in time and labor necessary to process each order individually is simply too expensive.

What do I do with my deer if you are closed?

We do offer after-hours drop-off. Please call our listed number and listen to the answering machine. During deer season there will be a cell phone number you can call to arrange for drop-off.

We do not have Sunday hours. If the weather is unusually warm, we will have special drop-off times on Sunday afternoon posted on our business answering machine.