Ice, Dry Ice, and Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Wenger Meats and Ice is so named because it owns Carlisle and Newport’s original ice manufacturing and storage facilities. Both buildings were constructed in the early 20th century when mechanical commercial cold storage was in its infancy. Our present-day facilities are small and not suited for handling the large volume of frozen product that now moves across our nation.

However, we have modernized our facilities sufficiently to accommodate smaller volumes of frozen and refrigerated goods.  We have the loading docks and equipment to efficiently handle palletized product. We are also ideally located to receive and deliver shipments throughout central Pennsylvania for companies with cross-docking and short-term storage needs. 

Ice and Dry Ice

Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prices are subject to change without notice.

ice cubes in a bucket with an ice scoop
Wenger Meats & Ice sells packaged ice from The York Ice Company (Good Time Ice). Good Time Ice works extra hard to ensure their ice is of the finest quality available.

During the freezing process, all impurities are removed from the ice. It remains pure because Good Time Ice is untouched until after the ice is in the bag. The ice is crystal clear so you can see the purity. This means you are choosing the best product available.

Wengers also sells blocks of ice and ice for sculptures. We can provide names of ice sculptors in the area.

Good Time Ice

8 lb bag $1.7520 lb block $3.50
10 lb block $2.0040 lb bag $7.00
20 lb bag $3.50275 lb carving block $60.00


Besides “wet” ice, we are one of the few businesses in the area that sells dry ice. For emergencies, a science project or for use at Halloween, call us for your dry ice.

For more information on dry ice, visit the Dry Ice Corporation

Dry Ice – $3.50 per pound (5 lb. minimum)

Block Ice Sculptures

block ice sculpture of Max, The Grinch's dog
block ice sculpture of a coy fish
block ice sculpture of a ship anchor
block ice sculpture in the shape of a mug of beer
Sven from Frozen Ice Sculpture

These ice sculptures were created by Pennsylvania artist Danny Kissel. Find him at Kissel Studios